Seagull problems on a Multi-Storey Office Building in London City Centre

At A Glance

Location: London

Structure: Multi-Storey Office building

Problem: Seagull Prevention

Solution: Bird Gel



Seagulls pose several problems but generally are associated with coastal towns, however we are seeing more and more problems in city centres and industrial estates than ever before. Seagulls can be bold and aggressive, especially when approaching breeding season, which is when they are at their most dangerous. They will attack if they feel threatened and always go for the face and eyes of anybody near.

Rapid Environmental Services were called upon to provide an effective solution to seagulls who persistently use an office block right in the centre of London’s City Mile. Gulls have frequently attacked workers servicing air handling equipment on the roof and the situation cannot continue.

The Problem

The main building is a multi-storey office block, with a smaller annex next door. Both rooftops house large quantities of air handling and window cleaning equipment which are regularly in use, so workers are often exposed to attacks on the roof.

The Challenge

The challenges faced were:

  • Providing a permanent solution that requires low maintenance
  • Providing a solution that would not interfere with other activities on the roof like window cleaning using the carriage mounted machines
  • Very high buildings so safety of operatives was paramount, full fall prevention measures were employed during the installation
  • Removal and disposal of all faeces, bones and nesting materials

Rapid Environmental Services are very used to working at height and safety of our staff is paramount, so full fall prevention and protection measures were employed on this project.

The Solution

Rapid ESL decided to utilize Bye Bird Gel as an appropriate solution to preventing seagulls roosting and nesting under the carriage area. Normally we would protect the leading edge of the building but in this case the seagulls were landing on the track and hoping down to the rooftop, so not using the leading edges at all.

Bye Bird Gel is eco-friendly and has a long life, it also does not harm the bird in anyway but re-educates them through touch, smell and by emitting a UV light making it seem like flames to the bird, thus making this an unsafe place.

Generally, it takes a week or so for the birds to move off, but during the installation we noted several birds reacting to the bird gel and moving away quickly.


The deployment of Bye Bird Gel on this roof top will bring to an end the attacks on workers and move the birds away harmlessly, making it an idea solution to an ongoing problem.

The client was very happy with our approach to safe working and the neatness of the installation and has recommended us to some other colleagues who have similar problems so we can assist them as well.

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