Pigeon Proofing New Fire Station in Rochester

At A Glance

Location: Rochester

Structure: Fire Station

Problem: Pigeon Prevention

Solution: Bird Wire



The best possible time to bird proof a building is at the construction stage, which is exactly what Rapid Environmental Services did at the new state of the art Fire Station in Rochester, Kent. Rapid Environmental Services were asked to propose a solution that would blend in with the building, prevent pigeons from roosting and defecating on the new building and pathways and be cost effective in terms of installation and ongoing maintenance.

The Problem

Birds, both pigeons and seagull are an ongoing problem in Rochester and the Medway area with a long established and growing population across the district. When a building like Rochester Fire Station is built, it offers many new opportunities to these resourceful and cunning birds.

With a modern and aesthetically pleasing building, the last thing you want is unsightly bird fouling and nesting activities, so effective bird prevention is paramount.

The Challenge

The challenges faced were:

  • Installing a highly effective deterrent which will stop birds attempting to use this building
  • Providing a maintenance free solution as access to the building is limited
  • Providing a discrete solution that could not easily be seen and in keeping with the type of building – this is a prestigious building which will be photographed extensively due to it’s design
  • Installing in a short window of opportunity – utilizing the scaffolding used for the construction where possible, before its removal.

Rapid Environmental Services are very familiar in dealing with the list of requirements above, so a solution utilizing Bird Wire was designed and approved for this structure. Bird Wire has been around for many years but the design and installation of a system is critical to its success. The system is very effective for both pigeons and seagulls and requires little or no maintenance, making it ideal for this building.

The Solution

The building has multiple levels and many ledges which would be very tempting to birds to nest on so it was critical to ensure all potential vantage points were also protected. By using Bird Wire on the leading edges of the high level vantage points, we effectively stopped birds attempting to colonize any part of the building, then with ledge and gully protection made nesting impossible.

When a bird attempts to land on the leading edges of a building, the Bird Wire system collapses under spring making it very difficult for any bird to land – this is very disturbing for birds who soon realize they cannot land and move off to find a more suitable landing area – away from the protected areas and never return.

The installation was based on adhesives to fix the posts, so a suitable quick acting and permanent adhesive was chosen to give fast and lasting fixings, the wire system is then fixed to the posts using springs to keep the system in tension.

The Result

The building has been commissioned and no birds have been seen roosting or landing on the structure, even though the bird population is very active on neighboring buildings.

The client feedback was very positive about the design of the solution and the manner of installation, satisfying all pre-requisites of the project.

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