Needle Sweep on a Construction Site

At A Glance

Location: Heston, West London

Structure: Building Renovation

Problem: Needle Sweep

Solution: Needle Sweep Protocol & Clean



Derelict buildings often attract unwanted visitors, so before building work can begin, there is a period of cleaning up and making the area safe required before any trade or workers can safely use the site.

The problem of drugs in inner city development sites is well known, so with an inevitable risk of needle and sharp stabs, cleaning up and inspecting any building site has to happen to be sure the danger is eliminated.

Rapid Environmental Services were called upon to provide a needle and sharps clearance on a site in Heston, West London prior to any work beginning on a building renovation to protect the scaffolding teams from any risk of injury.

The Problem

The site had been deserted for quite some time and the security measures had long since been breached with locks and chains cut off to gain access to an area behind the building, away from prying eyes. The area was covered in broken glass, rubbish and cardboard boxes, with evidence of wraps and other drug packaging clearly seen – making this a very dangerous place.

The Challenge

The challenges faced were:

  • Piles of rubbish that needed to be moved to expose potential sharp hazards
  • Staff Safety – all safety precautions and needle sweep protocols need to be followed to the letter protect our workforce
  • Pressures from the client to complete the job urgently so work can commence on the renovation
  • Removal of all sharps and drug paraphernalia, broken glass and rubbish for safe disposal.

Rapid Environmental Services are very used to working on sites like this and under pressure from the client to get the job done, however safety of our staff and the workers that follow us is paramount, so some jobs just cannot be rushed.

The Solution

Rapid ESL’s needle sweep teams are highly trained and experienced in dealing with this type of environment, so our needle sweep protocols are followed to the letter to ensure all staff are protected and that the area is painstakingly and thoroughly searched for sharps and other drug related objects before being cleared to clear up the rest of the rubbish.

Several syringes, needles and other suspected items were discovered and removed, along with 30kg+ of broken glass. All waste removed is disposed of safely depending on its type and risk level.

The Result

The site was cleared and declared safe to proceed, with the scaffolding team literally moving in to start building the scaffolding as we left. Security measures are now in place to secure the area under the scaffolding to stop any chance of recurrence during the renovation works.

The client was very satisfied with the response of our teams and the results, allowing him to carry on without further risk or delay.

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