Extreme cleaning project in Bristol

At A Glance

Location: Bristol

Structure: Dilapidated building on a railway station

Problem: Human Waste, Food Waste, Sharps

Solution: Sharps Protocols, Decontamination



Old buildings are very often found with all sorts of waste and rubbish piled in them – as well as a few nasty surprises as well.

One of our clients needed to refurbish a dilapidated building on a railway station site that had fallen into disrepair, so called in Rapid Environmental Services to provide the clearance and cleaning service before his building teams could move in.

The Problem

The building had not been used for a number of years, and had become a dumping ground for all rubbish, including old furniture, plastic bags and waste paper to name but a few objects.

Furthermore, on closer inspection the building had also become a temporary home for vagrants, which bring a whole new level of problem including human waste, food waste and the ever present threat of sharps, needles and other drug paraphernalia often associated with this type of premises.

The clearance was time critical as building contractors were pushing to get the site cleared and start their project.

The Challenge

The challenges faced were:

  • Assessing the extent of the problem, especially the dangers posed by sharps etc.
  • Providing sufficient manpower to clear the waste – again ensuring the safe disposal of waste from the building
  • Cleaning up and decontamination of pathogens found in human waste, plus safe disposal of such waste produced
  • Final clean and handover to the building contractors on time

The Solution

The building was a particularly bad example of a run down building and squat, with large areas of human waste deposited in multiple parts of the building. Needles and hypodermic syringes were also found inside the building, so extreme caution and our sharps protocols were required as part of this clean up.

Once all sharps were cleared, the main work could begin. Highly contaminated areas were cleaned first allowing the rest of the building to be cleared as soon as it was safe to proceed. Good progress was made and soon the bulk waste was cleared, allowing a final spray and clean to ensure decontamination.

Only when we are totally satisfied the building is safe and clean can we allow other workers inside the building.

Rapid Environmental Services face similar problems on a daily basis, so using our skilled staff we can eliminate the risks, clean and decontaminate the area effectively. Our experience in working with other trades and site contractors allowed us to provide a solution that meet the time frames imposed and to an agreed budget.

The Result

The client was delighted with the final results of the clean up, and was very happy to allow his building contractors to enter and get on with their work.

We met all time constraints imposed and cleared site 1 day before the deadline, saving the end user money and allowing his project some additional contingency in case other trades slipped behind.

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