Rapid Environmental Services provide specialist bird protection and bird prevention solutions to commercial clients like Local Authorities, Civil Engineers, the Construction industry and Road industry. 

Working closely with clients and their agents, our aim is to provide a fast, discrete and effective service, removing the problem and providing a guaranteed solution.

Our Bird Prevention Solutions

Design and Consultancy

Understanding bird behaviour is key to creating and designing a solution that works. Using the technology and best methods available, we work to provide the most effective solution within your budget.


Installing a bird prevention system correctly is key to it’s success, so our team of expereinced and trained technicians know what is required to make the solution work.


Once installed, your bird prevention system may require ongoing maintenance to keep it in peak condition, so this service is available for all solutions provided.

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Bird Control and Prevention Solutions

The need to control birds in and around buildings and other structures has been recognised for many years. The mess and potential contamination caused by birds in and around buildings and public areas not only looks unsightly; it is likely to cause a health hazard.

Several bird species have become an everyday sight in towns and cities; these include pigeons, seagulls and starlings. They have adapted extremely well to city life and breed pretty much all year round. With a constant supply of food, safe and warm shelter and a lofty perch on which to watch out for predators, urban life is good for these feral birds.

Each year, the populations rise, bringing with it more guano (bird poo), which contaminates our buildings and structures, damaging the structural fabric and harboring potentially contagious diseases.

Rapid Environmental Services are experts in bird control and prevention. We specialise in using non-lethal forms of pigeon prevention. Our designs for Bird prevention measures include bird spikes, bird netting, permanent weld mesh installations, Bird Gel deterrents, audio/visual systems and electronic track system, many are combined to provide the best solution.

When deploying our solutions, we clean the areas, carefully remove any chicks and eggs and work with the Wildlife Welfare Groups to relocate them, removing the need for culling.

Whether it is birds in the loading bay areas of your logistic centre, or protecting your listed building from the effects of bird faeces with a discrete electronic bird prevention system, Rapid Environmental Services will offer the best and most cost effective system for you, often combining several technologies to achieve the desired results and within your budget. The systems we offer have an amazingly short return on investment in most cases, and low running and maintenance costs, so ask us for help now.


Who we work with

Civil Engineers and Construction

Most bridges and civil engineering structures attract pigeons. Basically, the structure mimics the natural roosting and nesting sites of birds. Bridges in particular have high, sheltered, dark ledges that are an ideal roosting and breeding ground.

Facility and property Management

Many commercial properties are managed by Facility Management organisations or Property agents. We have extensive experience in working with the agents, the tenants and owners to ensure the buildings are protected from bird issues.

Local Authorities and Local Government

From local councils to high street shopping centres and even blue light services, we provide effective bird prevention solutions in these challenging environments. We have the knowledge and expertise to create and install superior bird prevention solutions.

Protecting a new bridge with weld mesh

The new rail bridge at Tennison Road. Croydon was protected from pigeons using weld mesh to create a permanent structure and minimise maintenance.

Protection of the fire station in Rochester

The new fire station building at Rochester needed to be protected against seagulls and pigeons, so Rapid ESL provided the solution using bird gel and bird wire systems.

Weld mesh used to protect bridges in Southwark

As part of the regeneration of Southwark, several bridges needed to have weld mesh installed to prevent pigeon ingress in the newly refurbished structures.

Town Hall protected against pigeons using Avishock.

This prestigious listed building needed a low profile solution that would keep pigeons away for good. An electric track systems was used to deliver the solution.

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